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InfoStar Software

Developers of customized software solutions for
  Retail Point of Sale
  Restaurant Point of Sale
  Production systems
  Attendance and Payroll
Client Management

Established in 2002 InfoStar Software specialize in custom made Retail and Restaurant Point of Sales, as well as Attendance and Payroll systems.  

InfoStar Accounting is a full accounting system with completely integrated add-on modules:

The Attendance and Payroll modules are available as stand-alone options. InfoStar Accounting have been implemented in Restaurants, Nurseries, Boutiques, Retail Shops Bakeries and even factories. Two of the outstanding features is the full transaction history and the lack of any enforced day- month or year-end functions.

InfoCount was develop as a spin-off from Accounting, to provide users with an easy to use stock count program and are mainly used by Restaurants. It includes the ability to count liquor by using a scale and also keep a full history of previous counts.

InfoClient is also spin-off from Accounting and is Client Manager with a loyalty points manager.  It includes functions to send bulk e-mail of sms, based on criteria like points earned, area and birthdays, etc.

InfoPad is a free desktop utility, that provides easy access to a notepad, calculator, etc.

All our software is under constant development and we add daily new features which is available via our web-site or the build in update utility.